Milwaukee Road EMD MP15AC 464

Milwaukee Road EMD MP15AC 464 at St. Paul, Minnesota, April 9, 1976. Bruce Black photo.
Milwaukee Road 464 at St. Paul, Minnesota, April 9, 1976. Bruce Black photo.


  • Group: MILW 434-465
  • Railroad class: 15 ES
  • Builder number: EMD 75629-30
  • Builder date: March, 1976
  • Order number: 75629

EMD first offered it’s 1500-hp MP15AC in 1975, featuring an alternator and rectifier in place of the standard DC generator on the MP15.

Milwaukee immediately ordered 32 MP15AC’s, MILW 466-497, delivered in October, 1975. A second 32-unit order was placed the next year, MILW 434-465, delivered in March, 1976. The two orders were financed through two different leasing companies.

As the MP15AC’s arrived, they replaced the railroad’s aging fleet of Alco and Baldwin roadswitchers and allowed the retirement of all but fifty of the Fairbanks-Morse H12-44’s.

They were assigned to yard service and were also used on way frieghts. Although two were wrecked and rebuilt, all were operating when the Milwaukee Road shut down in February, 1985, and the company’s assets were sold to Soo Line.

The Milwaukee MP15AC’s became Soo Line 1500-1563. Milwaukee 464 became Soo 1530.

In April, 1991, the lease expired on the second order and those units were returned American Financial Group, the owner, and were stored for nearly two years at Soo Line’s Shoreham Yard in Minneapolis.

In late 1992, Union Pacific acquired all 32 units, becoming UP 1397-1428. The first ten were purchased outright, with the rest were on a long term lease with the option to purchase. All were sent through a rehabilitation program at UP’s Downing B. Jenks shops at North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Soo Line 1530 became UP 1417 in October, 1993, and was renumbered UPY 1417 in June, 2001.

About This Image

Scanned from a 616 negative negative owned by Digital Rail Artist.


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