Central Railroad of New Jersey Baldwin DRX-6-4-2000 2004

CNJ 2004 at Jersey City, New Jersey. Date and photographer unknown.

Central Railroad of New Jersey DRX-6-4-2000 2004

  • Group: CNJ 2003-2005 (sublettered Wharton & Northern)
  • Railroad class: PD-30
  • Builder number: 73751
  • Builder date: September, 1948

A month after Seaboard Air Line ordered their massive DR-12-8-2000 2000 h.p. Centipede, Baldwin took two orders for an 2000 h.p. A1A-A1A version, the DR-6-4-2000. CNJ was first in line in July, 2945, with an order for three, 2000-2002, followed by the Gulf Mobile & Ohio in October with an order for two.

CNJ specified two cabs on their units  to avoid turning the engines at the end of their runs. This required changes to the internal arrangement of the equipment. With twin 608NA engines driving Westinghouse 480-D main generators, normally both engines had the generators facing the cab, with the steam generator, air compressor and cooling systems at the rear of the unit. By adding a second cab, Baldwin was forced to place that in the center of the unit, and turn the engine and generators so that they faced each other. These were important enough modifications that Baldwin changed the model designation to DRX-6-4-2000.

Baldwin was hit by a plague of production delays in 1945-1946, and the first unit, CNJ 2000, was not completed until November, 1946. It was unveiled at a ceremony at Eddystone on November 6, and entered serice at  Jersey City  on the 19th. CNJ 2001 followed in December, and 2002 in February, 1947. After touring the system, these three locomotives settled into normal runs, handling 20 weekday passenger trains on both the mainline and the New York & Long Branch, replacing seven steam locomotives. They averaged 333 miles a day on these short runs with layovers of less than an hour.

CNJ placed a second order for three more, and 2003 arrived in August, 1948 followed by 2004 and 2005 in September. The DRX-6-4-2000’s worked out of Jersey City for a decade, and also the Reading trains between Bethlehem Jct., Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.

All were retired in 1957 after reaching a million miles of service. They were cannibalized for parts for CNJ’s other Baldwins, while 2004 stayed around as a steam generator unit until 1968.

About This Image

Scanned from a 620 positive in the Digital Rail Artist collection.


Gary W. and Stephen F. Dozall, Diesels from Eddystone: The Story of Baldwin Diesel Locomotives. (Kalmbach, 1984), pgs. 63-66.