ATSF Fairbanks Morse H12-44TS 543

ATSF FM H12-44 543 at Chicago, Illinois, date and photographer unknown. Scanned from a 5x7 photographic print owned by Digital Rail Artist
ATSF FM H12-44TS 543 at Chicago, Illinois, date and photographer unknown.

ATSF H12-44TS 543

  • Group: ATSF 544-558
  • Railroad class: 541 class
  • Builder number: FM 12L1023
  • Builder date: May, 1956
  • Order number: LD-187
  • Phase: IIIa
  • Horsepower: 1200
  • Prime mover: Non-turbocharged 6-cylinder FM opposed piston 38D8 1/8
  • Main generator: Westinghouse 481B
  • Traction motors: Westinghouse 362B
  • Production: 3 units in May, 1956
  • ATSF ownership: 3 units

ATSF 543

Built as ATSF 543 in May, 1956, part of a single order for three units. This unit was retired May, 1974, and held at Albuquerque, New Mexico, as part of the historical collection. It was donated to the California State Railroad Museum in 1986, and sold to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois, in 2009.

The H12-44TS was a custom built unit for the Santa Fe. It was a Phase IIIa H12-44 with an extended frame and added short hood to accommodate a steam generator. All three were assigned to Dearborn Station in Chicago to handle passenger train switching.

About This Image

Scanned from a 120 negative owned by Digital Rail Artist.


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