Central of Georgia Roster

1st No.2nd No.3rd No.BuilderModelBldrDateOrder
EMC 905CofG 1EMCSW19058/39E287
CofG 2-3EMCSW11230-12311/41E365
CofG 660CofG 4AlcoS16938010/40S-1816
BLW 337CofG 5BaldwinVO6660623372/40
CofG 6AlcoS1695129/41S-1839
CofG 7EMCSW1145912/41E441
CofG 20EMCNW212321/41E366
CofG 21AlcoS26921910/40S-1817
BLW 333CofG 22BaldwinVO1000623333/40
CofG 23-24AlcoS269646-6964712/41S-1848
CofG 25EMDNW214602/42E442
CofG 26BaldwinVO1000696538/43
CofG 27BaldwinVO1000701743/44
CofG 28-29AlcoS272030-720314/44S-1930
CofG 30AlcoS2720325/44S-1930
CofG 31-32AlcoS273379-733806/45S-1965
CofG 33-34AlcoS274817-7481811/46S-3012
CofG 35AlcoS2756654/48S-3051
CofG 36-37BaldwinDS-44-100074194-741957/49
CofG 101-105FMH15-6615L30-15L346/49LD-82
CofG 106EMDGP7120687/505004
CofG 107EMDGP7120677/505004
CofG 108-110AlcoRS378246-782489/50
CofG 111-119AlcoRS378753-787615/51
CofG 120-122EMDGP79661-96635/515059
CofG 123EMDGP7144794/515059
CofG 124-127EMDGP714480-144834/515118
CofG 128-132EMDGP714484-144885/515118
CofG 133-147AlcoRS380140-801548/52
CofG 148AlcoRS3802674/53
CofG 149-150AlcoRS380269-802704/53
CofG 151-154AlcoRS380248-802514/53
CofG 155-159AlcoRS380262-802664/53
CofG 160-165EMDGP922007-2201211/565465
CofG 166-170EMDGP923185-231894/575533
CofG 177-173EMDGP1826000-260025/605620
CofG 174-178EMDGP18260003-260076/605620
CofG 201EMDSD7183105/536512
CofG 202EMDSD9204453/555394
CofG 203-204EMDSD920446-204474/555394
CofG 205-206EMDSD920448-204496/555394
CofG 207EMDSD9204503/555394
CofG 301-304EMDSW916803-168067/524141
CofG 305-306EMDSW916960-169617/524141
CofG 307EMDSW9176492/534196
CofG 308-309EMDSW917650-176513/534196
CofG 310EMDSW9176522/534196
CofG 311-312BaldwinS1275814-758153/53
CofG 313-314BaldwinS1275816-758174/53
CofG 315-318FMH12-4412L726-12L7293/53LD-146
CofG 801-807EMDE7A3384-33909/46E676
CofG 808EMDE7A37549/46E714
CofG 809EMDE7A51976/48E880
CofG 810EMDE7A52426/48E880
CofG 811EMDE8A85278/502003
CofG 812EMDE8A117008/502003
CofG 901-904EMDF3A4475-447812/47E803
CofG 905-908EMDF3A5198-52015/48E881
CofG 909EMDF3A69935/48E881


  • SW1 demonstrator 905, acquired soon after it was built, becoming the first diesel on the roster.
  • Baldwin VO660 demonstrator 337 and VO1000 demonstrator 333 were both acquired in October, 1940


  • CofG SW1 1 – built as EMD demonstrator 905 > sold to Atlanta, Stone Mountain & Lithonia 1, January, 1957 > to Greenville & Northern 1, Greenville, South Carolina > to Carolina Piedmont Division, South Carolina Central Railroad CPDR 1 > restored as Central of Georgia 1 at Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, Georgia


  • 1957 – CofG SW1 1


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