Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 Builder List and Phases

H12-44 Rosters | H12-44 Phases

Milwaukee Road Fairbanks Morse H12-44 1831, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 24, 1951. Photographer: unknown. Scanned from a 620-sized photographic print owned by Digital Rail Artist.
Milwaukee Road Fairbanks Morse H12-44 1831, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 24, 1951. Photographer: unknown.


  • Phase I – May, 1950, to January, 1951 – Raymond Lowery design elements continued from H10-44: nose swept back at an angle, with a decorative crest, a curved panel from the cab to the front of the battery box, and a prominent overhanging roof behind the cab. There are three groups of heavy louvers along the top of the hood. Near the radiator there is a single screened opening behind the radiator in the first door. There are no other openings in the hood.
  • Phase Ia – January, 1951, to June, 1952 – Four screened openings are added in the hood doors. There are now two openings behind the radiator, a pair of openings in the door in front of the battery box step, and a short opening above the battery box in the first door in front of the cab.
  • Phase Ib – June, 1952, to September, 1952 – Three banks of large louvers are replaced by a square screened opening in front of the cab, and a raised box with two sets of louvers. Soo Line 315 has a second screened opening added above the battery box.
  • Phase II – September, 1952, to February, 1953 – Phase II was a complete redesign of the carbody. Most of the Raymond Lowery styling elements are gone. The cab roof no longer extends over the rear walkway, the front of the hood is longer sloped, and the decorative crest is eliminated. Only the curved panel between the cab and the front of the battery box remains.
  • Phase III – February, 1953, to December, 1955 – The final Raymond Lowery styling element is removed, the curved panel from the cab to the front of the battery box step. There is now a distinct set of battery boxes on each side of the unit, with four heavy sets of louvers to reduce the risk of explosion. The screened opening above the door line in front of the cab has been replaced with two sets of louvers.
  • Phase IIIa – January, 1956, to May, 1956 – The screened openings in the hood doors are replaced with heavy sets of louvers.
  • Phase IV – October, 1956, to February, 1957 – The carbody has been shortened by three feet. The battery box length is half of what it previously was, with two banks of louvers instead of four. The side skirt below the walkway is much deeper. The radiator fan and traction motor blowers are now belt driven instead of powered by electric motors. In front of the battery box there is a screened slot.
  • Phase IVa – March, 1957, to March, 1961 – The screened slot has now been replaced with a bank of heavy louvers.
YearMonthRailroadOrderBuilder No.PhaseQty
1950MayMilwaukee Road 1826-1827LD-9512L374-12L375I2
1950MayChicago & North Western 1071-1072LD-9412L376-12L377I2
1950SeptemberATSF 503-504LD-9712L388-12L389I2
1950OctoberATSF 505-506LD-9712L390-12L39112
1950NovemberNew York Central 9111LD-9212L378I1
1950DecemberNew York Central 9112-9118LD-9212L379-12L385I7
1951JanuaryNew York Central 9119-9120LD-9212L386-12L387I2
1951JanuaryMinnesota Western 10LD-10412L427Ia1
1951FebruaryBaltimore & Ohio 310-319LD-10312L392-12L401Ia10
1951MarchKentucky & Indiana Terminal 60-61LD-11112L402-12L403Ia2
1951MarchMilwaukee Road 1828-1832LD-10812L428-12L432Ia5
1951AprilKentucky & Indiana Terminal 62-64LD-11112L404-12L406Ia3
1951JuneSt Louis San Francisco 282-285LD-10912L433-12L436Ia4
1951AugustWeyerhouser Timber 1LD-11212L437Ia1
1951OctoberMilwaukee Road 1833-1835LD-11712L448-12L450Ia3
1951NovemberATSF 508LD-11612L439Ia1
1951NovemberATSF 507LD-11612L438Ia1
1951NovemberATSF 509-514LD-11612L440-12L445Ia6
1951NovemberMilwaukee Road 1836-1837LD-11712L451-12L452Ia2
1951NovemberMilwaukee Road 1838-1847LD-12112L520-12L529Ia10
1951NovemberUS Steel - Morrisville, Pennsylvania GE9LD-12812L571Ia1
1951DecemberUS Steel - Morrisville, Pennsylania GE10LD-12812L572Ia1
1952FebruaryATSF 515-516LD-11612L446-12L447Ia2
1952FebruaryUS Steel- Morrisville, Pennsylvania GE11-GE16LD-12812L573-12L578Ia6
1952MarchMilwaukee Road 2300-2304LD-12712L561-12L565Ia5
1952AprilMilwaukee Road 2305-2309LD-12712L566-12L570Ia4
1952MayNew York Central 9121-9128LD-13212L613-12L620Ia8
1952JuneNew York Central 9129-9137LD-13212L621-12L629Ia9
1952JuneSoo Line 315LD-13412L636Ib1
1952JulyATSF 517-518LD-13112L599-12L600Ib2
1952AugustATSF 519-526LD-13112L601-12L608Ib8
1952SeptemberATSF 527-530LD-13112L609-12L612Ib4
1952SeptemberSouthern Pacific 1486-1490LD-14012L653-12L657II5
1952OctoberIndianapolis Union Railway 19-21LD-14212L650-12L652II3
1952OctoberSouthern Pacific 1491LD-14012L658II1
1952NovemberPennsylvania Railroad 8711-8723LD-13512L637-12L649II13
1952DecemberChicago & North Western 1110-1113LD-13812L709-12L712II4
1953JanuaryUS Army 1843-1852LD-13612L667-12L676II10
1953JanuaryUS Army 1856-1857LD-13612L680-12L681II2
1953FebruaryUS Army 1853-1855LD-13612L677-12L679II3
1953FebruaryUS Army 1858-1862LD-13612L682-12L686II5
1953FebruaryKentucky & Indiana Terminal 65LD-14112L719III1
1953MarchKentucky & Indiana Terminal 66LD-14112L720III1
1953MarchNickel Plate 134-138LD-14312L721-12L725III1
1953MarchCentral of Georgia 315-318LD-14612L726-12L729III4
1953MarchWabash 384-386LD-14812L744-12L746III3
1953AprilATSF 531-540LD-14912L747-12L756III10
1953MaySouthern Pacific 1529-1535LD-15412L760-12L766III7
1953AugustChicago & North Western 1114-1116LD-15212L768-12L770III3
1953AugustSouthern Pacific 1536-1538LD-15412L771-12L773III3
1953AugustFairbanks-Morse 76
- Yankeetown Dock 1
1953AugustSandersville 100LD-15912L777III1
1953SeptemberBaltimore & Ohio 196-197LD-15712L774-12L775III2
1954NovemberTennessee Valley Authority 22LD-17312L778III1
1954FebruaryMilwaukee Road 2310-2314LD-16112L823-12L827III5
1954FebruaryPennsylvania Railroad 8708-8710LD-15612L828-12L830III3
1954DecemberSoo Line 316-319LD-17612L965-12L968III4
1955JanuaryMilwaukee Road 2315-2322LD-17512L949-12L956III8
1955FebruaryMilwaukee Road 2323-2325LD-17512L957-12L959III3
1955DecemberATSF 544-549LD-18712L1006-12L1011III6
1956JanuarySouthern Pacific 1568-1571LD-18612L833-12L836IIIa4
1956JanuarySouthern Pacific 1572-1573LD-18612L976-12L977IIIa2
1956FebruarySouthern Pacific 1574LD-18612L978IIIa1
1956FebruarySouthern Pacific 1575-1576LD-18612L979-12L980IIIa2
1956FebruaryATSF 550-551LD-18712L1012-12L1013IIIa2
1956MarchATSF 552-555LD-18712L1014-12L1017IIIa4
1956AprilATSF 556-558LD-18712L1018-12L1020IIIa3
1956MayYankeetown Dock 2LD-19612L1024IIIa1
1956MayColumbia & Cowlitz D2LD-19512L1025IIIa1
1956OctoberSouthern Pacific 1577-1584LD-20112L1062-12L1069IV8
1956NovemberSouthern Pacific 1585-1586LD-20112L1070-12L1071IV2
1957JanuarySouthern Pacific 1587-1594LD-20512L1072-12L1079IV8
1957FebruarySouthern Pacific 1595-1596LD-20512L1080-12L1081IV2
1957MarchNickel Plate 139-145LD-20612L1082-12L1088IVa7
1957MarchATSF 559-560LD-20712L1094-12L1095IVa2
1957AprilBaltimore & Ohio 9722-9726LD-21312L1089-12L1093IVa5
1957AprilATSF 561-564LD-20712L1096-12L1099IVa4
1958MarchNickel Plate Road 146-151LD-21512L1101-12L1106IVa6
1958AprilNickel Plate Road 152-155LD-21512L1107-12L1110IVa4
1958NovemberAyshire Collieries 1LD-20812L1100IVa1
1961MarchChihuahua al Pacifico 70LD-218-312L1111IVa1


  • John F. Kirkland, The Diesel Builders: Fairbanks-Morse and Lima-Hamilton, Interurban Press, 1985, pgs 30-32, 99-100