Railway Equipment Leasing Company (RELCO) EMD SW1 Roster

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1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
MILW 1620MILW 966RELCO 50110463/40E298I
MILW 1621MILW 967RELCO 50210473/40E298I
Public Service Co of Northern Illinois 11Con Ed 11:2RELCO 503167046/526371IV
GN 81BN 81RELCO 504101191/504027III
GN 83BN 83RELCO 505101251/504027III
EJ&E 236RELCO 50612381/41E367I
EJ&E 220RELCO 50710151/40E291I
B&O 206B&O 8406RELCO 50811048/41E324I
B&O 203B&O 8403RELCO 50911018/41E324I
B&OCT 216B&OCT 8416B&O 8416RELCO 51016025/42E462I
C&NW 1276North American Car 25RELCO 511181085/534228V
Inland Steel 77RELCO 5121354811/506215IV
Inland Steel ?RELCO 513
Inland Steel 79RELCO 514135763/514094IV
Great Lakes Steel 18RELCO 515318410/45E656II
Great Lakes Steel 33RELCO 51767537/48E1023IIb
Garden City Western 201RELCO 5181756410/526472IV


  • Independent Locomotive Service ILSX 8758, ex RELCO 503
  • Nevada Industrial Switching 201, ex RELCO 518
  • Wisconsin Public Service Co 8758, ex RELCO 503


  • Relco 503 – Built as Public Service Company of Illinois 11 > Commonwealth Edison 11 > RELCO 503 > Wisconsin Public Service 8758 > Independent Locomotive Service ISLX 8758