Pennsylvania Railroad EMD SW1 Roster

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1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
PRR 920067594/49E1049III
PRR 9201PRR 8501PC 8501CR 850167604/49E1049III
PRR 9202PRR 8502PC 8502CR 850267614/49E1049III
PRR 9202PRR 8503PC 8503CR 850367624/49E1049III
PRR 9104PRR 8504PC 8504CR 850467634/49E1049III
PRR 9205PRR 8505PC 8505CR 850567644/49E1049III
PRR 9206PRR 8506PC 850667654/49E1049III
PRR 9207PRR 8507PC 8507CR 850767664/49E1049III
PRR 9208PRR 8508PC 8508CR 850867674/49E1049III
PRR 9209PRR 8509PC 8509CR 850967674/49E1049III
PRR 5910PRR 8510PC 8510CR 851018528/42E512I
PRR 9412PRR 8512PC 8512CR 85121120610/506081IV
PRR 9413PRR 8513PC 8513CR 85131120710/506081IV
PRR 9414PRR 8514PC 8514CR 85141120810/506081IV
PRR 9415PRR 8515PC 8515CR 85151120910/506081IV
PRR 9416PRR 8516PC 8516CR 85161121010/506081IV
PRR 9417PRR 8517PC 8517CR 85171121110/506081IV
PRR 9418PRR 8518PC 8518CR 85181121210/506081IV
PRR 9419PRR 8519PC 8519CR 85191121310/506081IV
PRR 9420PRR 8520PC 8520CR 85201121410/506081IV
PRR 94211121511/506081IV
PRR 9422PRR 8522PC 8522ATK 251:11121611/506081IV
PRR 9423PRR 8523PC 8523ATK 252:11121711/506081IV
PRR 9424PRR 8524PC 8524CR 85241121811/506081IV
PRR 9425PRR 8525PC 8525CR 85251121911/506081IV
PRR 9426PRR 8526PC 8526CR 85261122011/506081IV
PRR 9427PRR 8527PC 8527CR 85271122111/506081IV
PRR 9428PRR 8528PC 8528ATK 253:11122211/506081IV
1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
PRR 9150PRR 8530PC 8530ATK 254:153837/48E898IIb
PRR 9151PRR 8531PC 8531CR 853153847/48E898IIb
PRR 9152PRR 8532PC 8532CR 853258148/48E898IIb
PRR 9153PRR 8533PC 8533CR 853358158/48E898IIb
PRR 9137PRR 8537PC 8537CR 853753717/48E898IIa
PRR 9138PRR 8538PC 8538CR 853853704/48E898IIa
PRR 9139PRR 8539PC 8539CR 853953727/48E898IIb
PRR 9140PRR 8540PC 854053737/48E898IIb
PRR 9141PRR 8541PC 8541CR 854153747/48E898IIb
PRR 9142PRR 8542PC 8542CR 854253757/48E898IIb
PRR 9143PRR 8543PC 8543ATK 255:153767/48E898IIb
PRR 914453777/48E898IIb
PRR 5944PRR 8544PC 8544CR 854434146/46E679II
PRR 5945PRR 8545PC 8545CR 854534156/46E679II
PRR 5946PRR 8546PC 854634166/46E679II
PRR 5947PRR 8547PC 8547CR 854735806/46E694II
PRR 5948PRR 8548PC 8548CR 854835816/46E694II
PRR 5949PRR 8549PC 854935827/46E694II
PRR 5950PRR 8550PC 8550CR 855035837/46E694II
PRR 5951PRR 8551PC 8551CR 855135847/46E694II
PRR 5952PRR 8552PC 8552CR 855249579/47E850IIa
PRR 5953PRR 8553PC 8553CR 855349589/47E850IIa
PRR 9154PRR 8554PC 8554CR 855458168/48E898IIb
PRR 9396PRR 8556PC 8556CR 8556111907/506081IV
PRR 9397PRR 8557PC 8557CR 8557111918/506081IV
PRR 9398PRR 8558PC 8558CR 8558111928/506081IV
PRR 9399
PRR 8559PC 8559ATK 256:1111938/506081IV
PRR 9400PRR 8560PC 8560CR 8560111948/506081IV
PRR 9401PRR 8561PC 8561CR 8561111958/506081IV
PRR 9402PRR 8562PC 8562CR 8562111968/506081IV
PRR 9403PRR 8563PC 8563CR 8563111978/506081IV
PRR 9404PRR 8564PC 8564CR 8564111988/506081IV
PRR 9405PRR 8565PC 8565CR 8565111998/506081IV
PRR 9406PRR 8566PC 8566CR 8566112008/506081IV
PRR 9407PRR 8567PC 8567CR 8567112018/506081IV
PRR 9408PRR 8568PC 8568CR 8568112028/506081IV
PRR 9409PRR 8569PC 8569CR 8569112038/506081IV
PRR 9410PRR 8570PC 8570CR 8570112048/506081IV
PRR 9411PRR 8571PC 8571CR 8571112058/506081IV
1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
PRR 914453777/48E898IIb
PRR 9145PRR 8575PC 8575CR 857553787/48E898IIb
PRR 9146PRR 8576PC 8576CR 857653797/48E898IIb
PRR 914753807/48E898IIb
PRR 9148PRR 8578PC 8578CR 857853817/48E898IIb
PRR 9149PRR 8579PC 8579CR 857953827/48E898IIb
PRR 9200PRR 8580PC 8580ATK 258:167594/49E1049III
PRR 5987PRR 8587PC 8587CR 858756643/48E934III
PRR 5988PRR 8588PC 8588CR 858856653/48E934IIa
PRR 5989PRR 8589PC 8589CR 858956663/48E934IIa
PRR 5990PRR 8590PC 8590CR 859056673/48E934IIa
PRR 5991PRR 8591PC 8591CR 859156683/48E934IIa
PRR 5992PRR 8592PC 8592CR 859256694/48E934IIa
PRR 5993PRR 8593PC 8593CR 859356704/48E934IIa
PRR 5994PRR 8594PC 8594CR 859456714/48E934IIa
PRR 5995PRR 8595PC 8595CR 859556724/48E934IIa
PRR 5996PRR 8596PC 8596CR 859656734/48E934IIa
PRR 5997PRR 8597PC 8597CR 859756744/48E934IIa
PRR 5998PRR 8598PC 8598CR 859856754/48E934IIa
PRR 5999PRR 8599PC 8599CR 859956764/48E934IIa


  • Original numbers – were haphazard, filling in gaps created by retired steam locomotives
  • 1966-1967 – Pennsylvania began a system wide renumbering between August, 1966, and February, 1967, in anticipation of the Penn Central merger



  • 1966: PRR 9144, 9147, 9421


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  • Paul K. Withers, Pennsylvania Railroad Dieel Locomotive Pictorial, Volume 10: EMD Switchers, Withers Publications, 2006, pgs 741-771