New York Central EMD SW1 Roster

SW1 Builder List | SW1 Roster Index

1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
NYC 574NYC 8400PC 8400CR 84008532/39E217I
NYC 575NYC 8401PC 8401CR 84018542/39E217I
NYC 576NYC 8402PC 8402CR 84028552/39E217I
NYC 577NYC 8403:1NYC 8415:28562/39E217I
NYC 578NYC 84048572/39E217I
NYC 579NYC 8405PC 8405CR 84058582/39E217I
NYC 580NYC 8406PC 8406CR 840618781/43E521I
NYC 581NYC 8407187912/42E521I
NYC 582NYC 840818803/43E521I
NYC 583NYC 8409PC 8409CR 840918813/43E521I
NYC 584NYC 8410PC 8410CR 841018823/43E521I
NYC 585NYC 8411PC 8411CR 841163914/49E999III
NYC 586NYC 8412PC 8412CR 841263924/49E999III
NYC 587NYC 8413PC 8413CR 841363934/49E999III
NYC 588NYC 8414PC 8414CR 841463944/49E999III
NYC 589NYC 8415:1NYC 8403:2PC 8403CR 840363954/49E999III
NYC 590NYC 8416PC 8416CR 841663964/49E999III
NYC 591NYC 8417PC 8417CR 841763974/49E999III
NYC 592NYC 841863984/49E999III
NYC 593NYC 841963994/49E999III
NYC 594NYC 8420PC 8420CR 842064004/49E999III
NYC 595NYC 842164016/49E999III
NYC 596NYC 842264026/49E999III
NYC 597NYC 8423PC 8423CR 842364036/49E999III
NYC 598NYC 8424PC 8424CR 842464046/49E999III
NYC 599NYC 8425PC 8425ATK 73064056/49E999III
NYC 600:2NYC 8426PC 8426CR 842664066/49E999III
NYC 601:2NYC 8427PC 8427CR 842764076/49E999III
NYC 602:2NYC 8428PC 8428ATK 73164086/49E999III
NYC 603:2NYC 8429PC 8429CR 842964096/49E999III
NYC 604:2NYC 8430NYC 847464106/49E999III
NYC 605:2NYC 8431PC 8431ATK 73264116/49E999III
NYC 606:2NYC 8432PC 8432CR 843264126/49E999III
NYC 607:2NYC 8433PC 8433CR 843364136/49E999III
NYC 608:2NYC 8434PC 8434CR 843464146/49E999III
NYC 609:2NYC 8435PC 8435CR 843564156/49E999III
NYC 610:2NYC 8436PC 8436CR 84361176710/506115IV
NYC 611:2NYC 8437PC 8437CR 84371176810/506115IV
NYC 612:2NYC 8438PC 8438CR 84381176910/506115IV
NYC 613:2NYC 8439PC 8439CR 84391177010/506115IV
NYC 614:2NYC 8440PC 8440CR 84401177110/506115IV
NYC 615:2NYC 8441PC 8441ATK 733117826/506116IV
NYC 616:2NYC 8442PC 8442CR 8442117836/506116IV
NYC 617:2NYC 8443117846/506116IV
NYC 618:2NYC 8444PC 8444117856/506116IV
NYC 619:2NYC 8445117866/506116IV
NYC 620:2NYC 8446PC 8446CR 84461178710/506116IV
NYC 621:2NYC 8447PC 8447CR 84471178810/506116IV
1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
NYC 600:1NYC 650NYC 84488082/39E217I
NYC 601:1NYC 651NYC 8449PC 8449CR 84498092/39E217I
NYC 602:1NYC 652NYC 8450PC 8450CR 84508102/39E217I
NYC 603:1NYC 653NYC 8451PC 8451CR 84518112/39E217I
NYC 604:1NYC 654NYC 8452PC 8452CR 84528122/39E217I
NYC 605:1NYC 655NYC 8453PC 8453CR 84538133/39E217I
NYC 606:1NYC 656NYC 8454PC 8454CR 84558143/39E217I
NYC 607:1NYC 657NYC 8455PC 84558154/49E217I
NYC 608:1NYC 6588164/49E217I
NYC 609:1NYC 659NYC 8457PC 8457CR 84578174/49E217I
NYC 610:1NYC 660NYC 8458PC 84588184/49E217I
NYC 611:1NYC 661NYC 8459PC 8459CR 84598194/49E217I
NYC 612:1NYC 662NYC 8460PC 8460CR 84608204/49E217I
NYC 613:1NYC 663NYC 8461PC 8461CR 84618214/49E217I
NYC 614:1NYC 664NYC 8462PC 8462CR 84628755/39E239I
NYC 615:1NYC 665NYC 8463PC 8463CR 84638765/39E239I
NYC 616:1NYC 666NYC 8464PC 8464ATK 2468775/39E239I
NYC 617:1NYC 667101012/39E282I
NYC 618:1NYC 668NYC 8465PC 8465101112/39E282I
NYC 619:1NYC 669NYC 8466PC 8466CR 846610121/40E282I
NYC 620:1NYC 670NYC 8467PC 846710131/40E282I
NYC 621:1NYC 671NYC 8468PC 8468CR 846810141/40E282I
NYC 622:1NYC 672NYC 8469PC 846912543/41E372I
NYC 623:1NYC 673NYC 8470PC 8470CR 847012553/41E372I
NYC 624:1NYC 67412563/41E372I
NYC 625:1NYC 675NYC 8472PC 8472CR 847212574/41E372I
NYC 626:1NYC 676NYC 847312584/41E372I
NYC 627:1NYC 677NYC 8474:1NYC 8430:2PC 8430CR 843012595/41E372I
NYC 628:1NYC 678NYC 8475PC 8475AMT 24712605/41E372I
NYC 629:1NYC 679NYC 8476PC 8476AMT 24812616/41E372I
NYC 630:1NYC 680NYC 8477PC 8477CR 847712626/41E372I
NYC 631:1NYC 681NYC 8478PC 8478CR 847812636/41E372I
NYC 632:1NYC 68212647/41E3721
NYC 633;1NYC 683NYC 8480PC 8480CR 848012657/41E372I
NYC 634:1NYC 684NYC 8481PC 848112667/41E372I
NYC 635:1NYC 685NYC 8482PC 848212678/41E372I
NYC 636:1NYC 686NYC 8483PC 8483CR 848312688/41E372I
NYC 637:1NYC 687NYC 8484PC 8484CR 848412698/41E372I
NYC 638:1NYC 688NYC 8485PC 8485CR 848512708/41E372I
NYC 639:1NYC 689NYC 8486PC 8486CR 848612718/41E372I
NYC 640:1NYC 690NYC 8487PC 8487CR 848712729/41E372I
NYC 641:1NYC 691NYC 8488PC 8488CR 848812739/41E372I
NYC 642:1NYC 692NYC 8489PC 848912744/41E373I
NYC 643:1NYC 693NYC 8490PC 849012754/41E373I
NYC 644:1NYC 694NYC 8491PC 8491CR 849112764/41E373I
NYC 645:1NYC 695NYC 8492PC 8492CR 849212777/41E374I
NYC 646:1NYC 69612787/41E374I
NYC 647:1NYC 697NYC 8493PC 8493CR 849312797/41E374I
NYC 648:1NYC 698NYC 8494PC 8494158212/41E456I
NYC 649:1NYC 699NYC 8495PC 8495158312/41E456I
NYC 650:1NYC 700NYC 8496PC 8496CR 849615841/42E456I
NYC 651:1NYC 701NYC 8497PC 8497CR 849715891/42E456I
NYC 652:1NYC 702NYC 8498PC 8498CR 849815901/42E456I
NYC 653:1NYC 703NYC 8499PC 8499CR 849915912/42E456I
NYC 654:1NYC 704NYC 8500PC 8500CR 85005922/42E456I


  • DES-5a: NYC 574-579
  • DES-5b: NYC 580-584
  • DES-5c: NYC 585-599, 600-609 (2nd)
  • DES-5d: NYC 610-614 (2nd)
  • DES-5e: NYC 615-621 (2nd)
  • DES-6a: NYC 650-653
  • DES-6b: NYC 654-663
  • DES-6c: NYC 664-671
  • DES-6d: NYC 672-691
  • DES-6e: NYC 642-644
  • DES-6f: NYC 645-647
  • DES-6g: NYC 648-654


NYC had two distinct groups of SW1’s: light and heavy. The light units weighed 195,700 lbs and were numbered NYC 574 upward. The heavy units weighed a little over 223,000 lbs and were numbered from NYC 600 (1st) upwards.

  • 1949:┬áThe heavy units, NYC 600-654 (1st) were renumbered NYC 650-704 to clear the way for additional lightweight orders.
  • 1966: In anticipation of the Penn Central merger, the SW1’s were renumbered NYC 8400-8500.
  • January, 1967: For reasons known probably only to the accounting department, two pairs of units swapped numbers: NYC 8403/8415 and NYC 8430/8474. These units became PC 8403 and 8430.

Penn Central merger

Penn Central consumated it’s merger on February 1, 1968. No SW1’s were renumbered at this time because both the New York Central and the Pennsylvania Railroad had already renumbered their fleets in 1966 in anticipation of the merger.

Conrail Merger

Conrail completed its own merger on April 1, 1976. All of the former Penn Central SW1’s kept their old numbers until retired.


At the time of the Conrail merger, sixteen Penn Central units were conveyed to Amtrak.

Penn Central 8425, 8428, 8431, 8464, 8475, 8476, 8497, 8499, 8522, 8523, 8528, 8530, 8543, 8559, 8575, and 8580 became Amtrak 243-258 (1st), renumbered soon after to Amtrak 730-745 to clear additional F40PH orders.

Amtrak EMD SW1 Roster


  • 1959: NYC 696
  • 1963: NYC 667
  • 1966: NYC 596, 650, 658, 674, 682, 8445, 8448
  • 1967: NYC 604, 8407, 8473, 8430 (2nd), 581
  • 1968: NYC 8404, 8418, 8426, 8443, 8469, 8482, 8495
  • 1969: NYC 8481


  • Hartwell Railroad 7, Social Circle, South Carolina, ex NYC 8425, acquired July, 1986
  • Octoraro Railroad 735, Kennet Square, Pennsylvania, ex NYC 8476, acquired September, 1985
  • Ohio Central 736, ex NYC 8497
  • St. Lawrence & Atlantic 41, ex NYC 8530


  • William D. Edson, H.L. Vail, Jr., and C.M. Smith, New York Central System Diesel Locomotives, TLC Publishing, 1995, pgs 10-13