Conrail EMD SW1 Roster

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1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
NYC 574NYC 8400PC 8400CR 84008532/39E217I
NYC 575NYC 8401PC 8401CR 84018542/39E217I
NYC 576NYC 8402PC 8402CR 84028552/39E217I
NYC 589NYC 8415:1NYC 8403:2PC 8403CR 840363954/49E999III
CNJ 1009CR 84048051/39E257I
NYC 579NYC 8405PC 8405CR 84058582/39E217I
NYC 580NYC 8406PC 8406CR 840618781/43E521I
CNJ 1011CR 840716102/42E465I
CNJ 1012CR 840816112/42E465I
NYC 583NYC 8409PC 8409CR 840918813/43E521I
NYC 584NYC 8410PC 8410CR 841018823/43E521I
NYC 585NYC 8411PC 8411CR 841163914/49E999III
NYC 586NYC 8412PC 8412CR 841263924/49E999III
NYC 587NYC 8413PC 8413CR 841363934/49E999III
NYC 588NYC 8414PC 8414CR 841463944/49E999III
CNJ 8405CR 8415
NYC 590NYC 8416PC 8416CR 841663964/49E999III
NYC 591NYC 8417PC 8417CR 841763974/49E999III
LV 115CR 841910222/40E295I
NYC 594NYC 8420PC 8420CR 842064004/49E999III
LV 118CR 84221221212/504067IV
NYC 597NYC 8423PC 8423CR 842364036/49E999III
NYC 598NYC 8424PC 8424CR 842464046/49E999III
NYC 601:2NYC 8427PC 8427CR 842764076/49E999III
NYC 603:2NYC 8429PC 8429CR 842964096/49E999III
NYC 627:1NYC 677NYC 8474:1NYC 8430:2PC 8430CR 843012595/41E372I
NYC 606:2NYC 8432PC 8432CR 843264126/49E999III
NYC 607:2NYC 8433PC 8433CR 843364136/49E999III
RDG 22CR 843411318/40E329I
RDG 23CR 8435145111/41E427I
RDG 24CR 8436145211/41E427I
NYC 611:2NYC 8437PC 8437CR 84371176810/506115IV
NYC 612:2NYC 8438PC 8438CR 84381176910/506115IV
NYC 613:2NYC 8439PC 8439CR 84391177010/506115IV
NYC 614:2NYC 8440PC 8440CR 84401177110/506115IV
NYC 616:2NYC 8442PC 8442CR 8442117836/506116IV
NYC 620:2NYC 8446PC 8446CR 84461178710/506116IV
NYC 621:2NYC 8447PC 8447CR 84471178810/506116IV
1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
NYC 601:1NYC 651NYC 8449PC 8449CR 84498092/39E217I
NYC 602:1NYC 652NYC 8450PC 8450CR 84508102/39E217I
NYC 603:1NYC 653NYC 8451PC 8451CR 84518112/39E217I
NYC 605:1NYC 655NYC 8453PC 8453CR 84538133/39E217I
NYC 609:1NYC 659NYC 8457PC 8457CR 84578174/49E217I
NYC 611:1NYC 661NYC 8459PC 8459CR 84598194/49E217I
NYC 612:1NYC 662NYC 8460PC 8460CR 84608204/49E217I
NYC 613:1NYC 663NYC 8461PC 8461CR 84618214/49E217I
NYC 614:1NYC 664NYC 8462PC 8462CR 84628755/39E239I
NYC 615:1NYC 665NYC 8463PC 8463CR 84638765/39E239I
NYC 616:1NYC 666NYC 8464PC 8464ATK 2468775/39E239I
NYC 619:1NYC 669NYC 8466PC 8466CR 846610121/40E282I
NYC 621:1NYC 671NYC 8468PC 8468CR 846810141/40E282I
NYC 623:1NYC 673NYC 8470PC 8470CR 847012553/41E372I
NYC 625:1NYC 675NYC 8472PC 8472CR 847212574/41E372I
NYC 628:1NYC 678NYC 8475PC 8475AMT 24712605/41E372I
NYC 629:1NYC 679NYC 8476PC 8476AMT 24812616/41E372I
NYC 630:1NYC 680NYC 8477PC 8477CR 847712626/41E372I
NYC 631:1NYC 681NYC 8478PC 8478CR 847812636/41E372I
NYC 633;1NYC 683NYC 8480PC 8480CR 848012657/41E372I
NYC 636:1NYC 686NYC 8483PC 8483CR 848312688/41E372I
NYC 637:1NYC 687NYC 8484PC 8484CR 848412698/41E372I
NYC 638:1NYC 688NYC 8485PC 8485CR 848512708/41E372I
NYC 639:1NYC 689NYC 8486PC 8486CR 848612718/41E372I
NYC 640:1NYC 690NYC 8487PC 8487CR 848712729/41E372I
NYC 641:1NYC 691NYC 8488PC 8488CR 848812739/41E372I
NYC 644:1NYC 694NYC 8491PC 8491CR 849112764/41E373I
NYC 645:1NYC 695NYC 8492PC 8492CR 849212777/41E374I
NYC 647:1NYC 697NYC 8493PC 8493CR 849312797/41E374I
NYC 650:1NYC 700NYC 8496PC 8496CR 849615841/42E456I
NYC 651:1NYC 701NYC 8497PC 8497CR 849715891/42E456I
NYC 652:1NYC 702NYC 8498PC 8498CR 849815901/42E456I
NYC 653:1NYC 703NYC 8499PC 8499CR 849915912/42E456I
NYC 654:1NYC 704NYC 8500PC 8500CR 85005922/42E456I
1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
PRR 9201PRR 8501PC 8501CR 850167604/49E1049III
PRR 9202PRR 8502PC 8502CR 850267614/49E1049III
PRR 9202PRR 8503PC 8503CR 850367624/49E1049III
PRR 9104PRR 8504PC 8504CR 850467634/49E1049III
PRR 9205PRR 8505PC 8505CR 850567644/49E1049III
PRR 9207PRR 8507PC 8507CR 850767664/49E1049III
PRR 9208PRR 8508PC 8508CR 850867674/49E1049III
PRR 9209PRR 8509PC 8509CR 850967674/49E1049III
PRR 5910PRR 8510PC 8510CR 851018528/42E512I
PRR 9412PRR 8512PC 8512CR 85121120610/506081IV
PRR 9413PRR 8513PC 8513CR 85131120710/506081IV
PRR 9414PRR 8514PC 8514CR 85141120810/506081IV
PRR 9415PRR 8515PC 8515CR 85151120910/506081IV
PRR 9416PRR 8516PC 8516CR 85161121010/506081IV
PRR 9417PRR 8517PC 8517CR 85171121110/506081IV
PRR 9418PRR 8518PC 8518CR 85181121210/506081IV
PRR 9419PRR 8519PC 8519CR 85191121310/506081IV
PRR 9420PRR 8520PC 8520CR 85201121410/506081IV
PRR 9424PRR 8524PC 8524CR 85241121811/506081IV
PRR 9425PRR 8525PC 8525CR 85251121911/506081IV
PRR 9426PRR 8526PC 8526CR 85261122011/506081IV
PRR 9427PRR 8527PC 8527CR 85271122111/506081IV
1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
PRR 9151PRR 8531PC 8531CR 853153847/48E898IIb
PRR 9152PRR 8532PC 8532CR 853258148/48E898IIb
PRR 9153PRR 8533PC 8533CR 853358158/48E898IIb
PRR 9137PRR 8537PC 8537CR 853753717/48E898IIa
PRR 9138PRR 8538PC 8538CR 853853704/48E898IIa
PRR 9139PRR 8539PC 8539CR 853953727/48E898IIb
PRR 9141PRR 8541PC 8541CR 854153747/48E898IIb
PRR 9142PRR 8542PC 8542CR 854253757/48E898IIb
PRR 5944PRR 8544PC 8544CR 854434146/46E679II
PRR 5945PRR 8545PC 8545CR 854534156/46E679II
PRR 5947PRR 8547PC 8547CR 854735806/46E694II
PRR 5948PRR 8548PC 8548CR 854835816/46E694II
PRR 5950PRR 8550PC 8550CR 855035837/46E694II
PRR 5951PRR 8551PC 8551CR 855135847/46E694II
PRR 5952PRR 8552PC 8552CR 855249579/47E850IIa
PRR 5953PRR 8553PC 8553CR 855349589/47E850IIa
PRR 9154PRR 8554PC 8554CR 855458168/48E898IIb
PRR 9396PRR 8556PC 8556CR 8556111907/506081IV
PRR 9397PRR 8557PC 8557CR 8557111918/506081IV
PRR 9398PRR 8558PC 8558CR 8558111928/506081IV
PRR 9400PRR 8560PC 8560CR 8560111948/506081IV
PRR 9401PRR 8561PC 8561CR 8561111958/506081IV
PRR 9402PRR 8562PC 8562CR 8562111968/506081IV
PRR 9403PRR 8563PC 8563CR 8563111978/506081IV
PRR 9404PRR 8564PC 8564CR 8564111988/506081IV
PRR 9405PRR 8565PC 8565CR 8565111998/506081IV
PRR 9406PRR 8566PC 8566CR 8566112008/506081IV
PRR 9407PRR 8567PC 8567CR 8567112018/506081IV
PRR 9408PRR 8568PC 8568CR 8568112028/506081IV
PRR 9409PRR 8569PC 8569CR 8569112038/506081IV
PRR 9410PRR 8570PC 8570CR 8570112048/506081IV
PRR 9411PRR 8571PC 8571CR 8571112058/506081IV
1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.5th No.6th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
PRR 9145PRR 8575PC 8575CR 857553787/48E898IIb
PRR 9146PRR 8576PC 8576CR 857653797/48E898IIb
PRR 9148PRR 8578PC 8578CR 857853817/48E898IIb
PRR 9149PRR 8579PC 8579CR 857953827/48E898IIb
PRR 5988PRR 8588PC 8588CR 858856653/48E934IIa
PRR 5989PRR 8589PC 8589CR 858956663/48E934IIa
PRR 5990PRR 8590PC 8590CR 859056673/48E934IIa
PRR 5991PRR 8591PC 8591CR 859156683/48E934IIa
PRR 5992PRR 8592PC 8592CR 859256694/48E934IIa
PRR 5993PRR 8593PC 8593CR 859356704/48E934IIa
PRR 5994PRR 8594PC 8594CR 859456714/48E934IIa
PRR 5995PRR 8595PC 8595CR 859556724/48E934IIa
PRR 5996PRR 8596PC 8596CR 859656734/48E934IIa
PRR 5997PRR 8597PC 8597CR 859756744/48E934IIa
PRR 5998PRR 8598PC 8598CR 859856754/48E934IIa
PRR 5999PRR 8599PC 8599CR 859956764/48E934IIa


  • AGREX 824, Elm Creek, Nebraska – ex CR 8457, acquired by 2008
  • Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad BSCX 8599 – ex CR 8599, to Zanesville & Western Scenic Railroad 8599 by 2008
  • Cargill 14 – ex CR 8452, acquired September, 1988, via Wilson Railway Equipment
  • Chicago West Pullman & Southern CWP 8480 – ex CR 8480, acquired by 1980
  • Farmer’s Co-op Association FCAX 8414 – ex Conrail 8414, acquired by 2015
  • LTSX 8564 – ex CR 8564, acquired 2012 from Tyburn 8564
  • North American Car – ex CR 8435, late 1983
  • Perkiomen Railway 8556 – ex CR 8556, acquired October, 1983
  • Pocono Northeast 8408/601, Pittstown, New York – ex CR 8408, acquired by 1982
  • Tyburn Railroad 8564, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania – ex CR 8564, acquired by 2010; to LTSX 8564 and scrapped in 2012
  • West Shore Railroad Corporation 8525, Montandon, Pennsylvania – ex CR 8525, acquired by 1984
  • Wilson Railway Equipment – ex-CR 8452, in 1988
  • Zanesville & Western Scenic Railroad 8599 – ex CR 8599, acquired from Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad 8599

Trade in

  • EMD: late 1983-early 1984: 8498, 8500, 8570, 8591


  • G&S Motors, Newark, New Jersey – ex CR 8470, acquired July, 1981
  • Naparano Iron & Metals, Newark, New Jersey – ex CR 8412, 8420, 8444, 8418, 8597, acquired March-July, 1981
  • Midwest Scrap & Auto – ex CR 8409, 8413, 8415, 8427, 8486, 8487, 8501, 8508, 8520, 8531, 8536, 8539, 8550, 8562, 8565, 8571, 8578, acquired August-October, 1981
  • Striegel: ex CR 8483, acquired June, 1981


  • 1981: 8409, 8412, 8413, 8415, 8420, 8427, 8444, 8470, 8483, 8486, 8487, 8501, 8508, 8518, 8520, 8531, 8536, 8539, 8550, 8562, 8565, 8571, 8578, 8597
  • 1982: 8408
  • 1983: 8435, 8556, 8498, 8500, 8570, 8591
  • 1988: 8452


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