Chicago Burlington & Quincy EMD SW1 Roster

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1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
CB&Q 9136BN 788976/39E259I
CB&Q 9137BN 798986/39E259I
CB&Q 9138M&IB&B 100:2CB&Q 91388996/39E259I
CB&Q 9139BN 849006/39E259I
CB&Q 9140BN 859016/39E259I
CB&Q 9141BN 8610685/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9142BN 8710695/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9143BN 8810705/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9144BN 8910715/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9145BN 9010725/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9146C&S 155FW&D 601WWV 10310736/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9147BN 9110746/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9148BN 9212805/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9149BN 9312815/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9150BN 9412825/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9151BN 9512835/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9152BN 9612845/40E310Ia
CB&Q 9153BN 9712855/40E310Ia
FW&D 602BN 10299412/39E290Ia
FW&D 604WWV 10418648/42E517Ib


  • CB&Q 9138 – sold to M&IB&B 100:2 , renumbered CB&Q 9138
  • CB&Q 9146 – Transferred to Colorado & Southern 155 in July, 1957, transferred again to Ft Worth & Denver 601:2 April 28, 1959
  • Colorado & Southern 155 – transferred to Ft Worth & Denver 601:2 April 28, 1959


  • Dan Dover, Hol Wagner and Larry Russell, “Burlington Roster (Final),” Extra 2200 South, May/June, 1971, pgs 15-20