EMD SW1 Builder List and Phases

Burlington Northern EMD SW1 82 at Livingston, Montana, September 2, 1973. Bruce Black photograph.
EMD SW1 – Burlington Northern 82 at Livingston, Montana, September 2, 1973. Bruce Black photograph.

EMD SW1 Roster Index


Phase I – December, 1938, to October, 1939. Stepped hood in front of cab. Very short conical stacks, only a few inches high. Handrails attach directly to walkway with no crow’s foot. Side handrail loops on front of unit are one piece (as built) and are not as long as on later phases; they lack a center stanchion, and the rail itself stops at the top of the walkway without continuing down along the steps. Inside the cab, an FT-type control stand has a no-notch throttle without a Woodward governor, and equipped with a tachometer instead. All units are permanently wired in series, with no transition.

Phase Ia – November, 1939 to April, 1941. Side handrails mounted on “crow’s feet” instead of directly on the deck plate, beginning in October, 1939. Coupler pocket is still made up from heavy plates welded together.

Phase 1b – May, 1941 to March, 1943. Buffer changes from built up welded slab steel to a casting with a rounded top, beginning with Southern Pacific 1011.

Phase II – September, 1945 to October, 1948. Post-war units have tall conical stack, the deckplate is bobbed at a 45 degree angle by each step, not rounded. The front side handrail loop now has a middle stanchion and extends down the steps.

Phase IIa – November, 1948 to April, 1948. Transition introduced in mid-1947, first used on Atlantic & East Carolina .

Phase IIb – May, 1948 to March, 1949. Woodward governor and notched throttle became standard on May 1, 1948.

Phase III – April, 1949 to May, 1950. With the resumption of all switchers built at Cleveland, Ohio, in April, 1949, the flat spot in front of the cab was eliminated. Builder plates no longer are stamped with the day of manufacture. Falsies on the sideframe are gone.

Phase IV – June, 1950 to April, 1953 – Beginning June, 1950, cab windows are no longer arched but are straight across the front and rear. This change occurred three months after the SW7’s, because no SW1’s were built during that period. Radiator openings on top of the hood now have a grille instead of louvers. This change occurred in April, 1950 but no SW1’s were built in March-May, 1950.

Phase V – May to November, 1953. There are openings in the step guards, and twin sealed beam headlight becomes standard.

Builder List


YearMonthRailroadOrder NoBldr NoPhaseQty
1938DecemberEMC Demonstrator 755
- Inland Steel 51
1939JanuaryEMC Stock
- Missouri Pacific
- Ft Worth Belt 1
1939JanuaryEMC Stock
- Central Railroad of New Jersey 1009-1010
1939JanuaryNew York Central 574-579E217853-858I6
1939JanuaryGreat Northern 5101-5102E218859-860I2
1939JanuaryReading 16-18E230871-873I3
1939FebruaryEMC Stock
- Southern Pacific 1000
1939FebruaryNew York Central 600-604E217808-812I5
1939MarchNew York Central 605-606E217813-814I2
1939MarchEMC Stock
- Seaboard Air Line 1200
1939AprilNew York Central 607-613E217815-821I7
1939AprilLehigh Valley 112E237874I1
1939MayNew York Central 614-616E239875-877I3
1939JuneMilwaukee Road 1610-1611E240878-879I2
1939JuneWabash 101-103E247880-882I3
1939JuneBurlington 9136-9140E259897-901I6
1939JulyPere Marquette 10E262902I1
1939JulyPhelps Dodge AE265903I1
1939AugustMilwaukee Road 1612E268904I1
- Central of Georgia 1
- Western Pacific 501
1939SeptemberMissouri Pacific 9004-9005E249895-896I2
1939SeptemberSoo Line 320E273907I1
1939SeptemberLouisville & Nashville 11E275908I1
1939SeptemberAtlantic Coast Line 1901 resold
- Richmond Terminal 1
1939OctoberRepublic Steel 370E277910I1
- Great Lakes Steel 11
1939NovemberBoston & Maine 1109-1111E288912-914Ia1
1939NovemberSouthern Pacific 1004-1009E281975-980Ia1
1939DecemberIllinois Central 9014-9017E284981-984Ia3
1939DecemberWestern Pacific 502-503E283988-989Ia2
1939DecemberMissouri Pacific
- IGN 9200-9203
- FW&D 602
1939DecemberNew York Central 617-618E2821010-1011Ia2
1940JanuaryIllinois Central 9018-9020E284985-987Ia3
1940JanuaryNew York Central 619-621E2821012-1014Ia3
1940JanuaryElgin Joliet & Eastern 220-222E2911015-1017Ia3
1940FebruaryElgin Joliet & Eastern 223-224E2911018-1019Ia2
1940FebruaryLehigh Valley 113-115E2951020-1022Ia3
1940FebruaryWabash 104E2971024Ia1
1940MarchHouston Belt & Terminal 10E3001025Ia1
1940MarchBethlehem Steel
- Buffalo Creek 42
1940MarchDelaware Lackawanna & Western 427-429E3041027-1029Ia3
1940MarchMilwaukee Road 1613-1620E2981039-1046Ia8
1940AprilMilwaukee Road 1621-1624E2981047-1050Ia4
1940AprilDelaware Lackawanna & Western 430-434E3041051-1055Ia5
1940MayDelaware Lackawanna & Western 435-437E3041056-1058Ia3
1940MayBurlington 9141-9145E3101068-1072Ia5
1940MayWabash 105E3111075Ia1
1940JuneBurlington 9146-9147E3101073-1074Ia2
1940JuneTerminal RR Association of St Louis 501-504E3131076-1079Ia4
1940JuneBethlehem Steel
- PB&NE 212
- St Johns River Terminal 8565
1940AugustMissouri Pacific 9006E3161083Ia1
1940AugustBaltimore & Ohio 200-209E3241098-1107Ia10
1940AugustReading 19-22E3291128-1131Ia4
1940AugustBethlehem Steel
- PB&NE 213-214
- Great Lakes Steel 12
1940SeptemberElgin Joliet & Eastern 225-230E3381162-1167Ia6
1940SeptemberBaltimore & Ohio 210-215E3241108-1113Ia5
1940OctoberMilwaukee Road 1625-1630E3431178-1183Ia6
1940OctoberChicago & North Western
-CStPM&O 55
1940NovemberMilwaukee Road 1631-1633E3431184-1186Ia3
1940NovemberWabash 106E3501197Ia1
1940NovemberSouthern 2002-2004E3541206-1208Ia3
1940NovemberInland Steel 54E3611223Ia1
1940NovemberBethlehem Steel
- PB&NE 215
1940DecemberBethlehem Steel
- PB&NE 216
1940DecemberElgin Joliet & Eastern 231-234E3671233-1236Ia4

These units were built for stock and were sold as follows:

  • 755 – Inland Steel 40, Chicago, Indiana, January, 1940
  • 802 – Seaboard Air Line 1200
  • 803 – Ft Worth Belt 1
  • 804 – Southern Pacific 1000
  • 805-806 – Central Railroad of New Jersey 1009-1010
  • 905 – Central of Georgia 1
  • 906 – Western Pacific 501
  • 911 – Great Lakes Steel 11
  • 1023 – Great Lakes Steel 12

* Atlantic Coast Line 1901 was rejected and resold to Richmond Terminal 1.


YearMonthRailroadOrder NoBldr NoPhaseQty
1941JanuaryCentral of Georgia 2-3E3651230-1231Ia2
1941JanuaryElgin Joliet & Eastern 235-237E3671237-1239Ia3
1941JanuaryDonner-Hanna Coke 1E3781305Ia1
1941FebruaryGreat Lakes Steel 30-31E3791306-1307Ia2
1941FebruaryBurlington 9148-9153E3751280-1285Ia6
1941MarchGreat Lakes Steel 14-15E3871326-1327Ia2
1941MarchNew York Central 622-624E3721254-1256Ia
1941AprilNew York Central 625-626E3721257-1258Ia3
1941AprilNew York Central 642-644E3731274-1276Ia3
1941AprilSouthern Pacific 1010E3851316Ia1
1941MaySouthern Pacific 1011E3851317Ib1
1941MayNew York Central 627-628E3721259-1260Ib2
1941MayDetroit Toledo & Ironton 900E3861324Ib1
1941JuneNew York Central 629-631E3721261-1263Ib3
1941JuneMissouri Pacific
- IGN 9204-9205
1941JuneSouthern Pacific 1012-1014E3851318-1320Ib3
1941JulyNew York Central 632-634E3721264-1266Ib3
1941JulyNew York Central 645-647E3741277-1279Ib3
1941JulySouthern Pacific 1015-1016E3851321-1322Ib2
1941JulySouthern Pacific
- T&NO 11
1941AugustNew York Central 635-639E3721267-1271Ib5
1941AugustMissouri Pacific 9011E3831314Ib1
1941AugustDetroit Toledo & Ironton 901E3861325Ib1
1941SeptemberNew York Central 640-641E3721272-1273Ib2
1941SeptemberMilwaukee Road 1634E3991369Ib1
1941SeptemberGreat Northern 5103-5105E4361380-1382Ib3
1941SeptemberElgin Joliet & Eastern 238-240E4071396-1398Ib3
1941OctoberElgin Joliet & Eastern 241-243E4071399-1401Ib4
1941OctoberCanton 21E4251448Ib1
1941OctoberBethlehem Steel
- PB&NE 217-218
1941NovemberElgin Joliet & Eastern 244-246E4071402-1404Ib2
1941NovemberReading 23-24E4271451-1452Ib2
1941NovemberCommonwealth Edison 10E4291453Ib1
1941NovemberBoston & Maine 1112-1113E4301457-1458Ib2
1941DecemberCentral of Georgia 7E4411459Ib1
1941DecemberNashville Chattanooga & St Louis 15E4431537Ib1
1941DecemberLouisville & Nashville 12-15E4481563-1566Ib4
1941DecemberNew York Central 648-649E4561582-1583Ib2
1941DecemberInland Steel 57E4551588Ib1
1942JanuaryChicago & Eastern Illinois 97-98E4571378-1379Ib2
1942JanuaryChicago & Eastern Illinois 99E4571474Ib1
1942JanuaryMemphis Union Station 10E4351475Ib1
1942JanuaryNew York Central 650E4561584Ib1
1942JanuaryNew York Central 651-652E4561589-1590Ib2
1942JanuaryRepublic Steel 371E5001778Ib1
1942FebruaryNew York Central 653-654E4561591-1592Ib2
1942FebruaryMonon 50E4601597Ib1
1942FebruaryCentral Railroad of New Jersey 1011-1012E4651610-1611Ib2
1942FebruaryCommonwealth Edison 11E4691632Ib1
1942FebruaryChicago Short Line 200E4741677Ib1
1942FebruaryRock Island 529E4751678Ib1
1942MarchRock Island 530-532E4751679-1681Ib3
1942MarchBethlehem Steel
- PB&NE 220-221
1942MarchRepublic Steel 890-891 (Gadsden AL)E5281936-1937Ib2
1942MarchUS Army 7001E5331990Ib1
1942AprilRock Island 533-536E4751682-1685Ib4
1942AprilPere Marquette 11E4781714Ib1
1942MayBaltimore & Ohio
- B&OCT 216-217
1942MayBaltimore & Ohio
- B&OCT 218-220
1942MayUS Army 7002E5482012Ib1
1942JuneCanton 22-23E4931750-1751Ib2
1942JuneChicago & Eastern Illinois 95-96E5141855-1856Ib2
1942JuneUS Army 7003-7004E5432000-2001Ib2
1942AugustBaltimore & Ohio
- B&OCT 221
1942AugustPennsylvania Railroad 5910E5121852Ib1
- FW&D 604
1942SeptemberChicago & North Western 1207-1210:1E4891738-1741Ib4
1942NovemberChicago & North Western 1211-1212:1E4891742-4743Ib2
1942NovemberChicago & North Western 1214:1E4891744Ib1
1942DecemberChicago & North Western 1215E4891745Ib1
1942DecemberNew York Central 581E5211879Ib1
1943JanuaryNew York Central 580E5211878Ib1
1943FebruaryBroward County Port Authority 400E5952384Ib1
1943MarchNew York Central 582-584E5211880-1882Ib3


YearMonthRailroadOrder NoBldr NoPhaseQty
1945SeptemberGreat Lakes Steel 16-17E6563182-3183II2
1945OctoberGreat Lakes Steel 18E6563184II1
1945OctoberRepublic Steel
- Canton OH 50-54
1945OctoberRepublic Steel
- Youngstown OH 300-301
1945NovemberWabash 107E4031388II1
1946JuneCommonwealth Edison 14E6382864II1
1946JuneIllinois Central 9021-9030E6683289-3298II10
1946JunePennsylvania Railroad 5944-5946E6793414-3416II3
1946JunePennsylvania Railroad 5947-5948E6943580-3581II5
1946JulyPennsylvania Railroad 5949-5951E6943582-3584II3
1946OctoberWheeling Steel 1001-1002E7203769-3770II1
1946OctoberBoston & Maine 1114-1116E7273884-3886II1
1946OctoberBoston & Maine 1117E7273895II1
1946OctoberEMD Demonstrator 700
- Manufacturers Junction 7
1946DecemberMaryland & Pennsylvania 70E7714162II1
1947JanuaryMathieson Chemical 1E8044479II1
1947JanuaryChicago District Electric Generating Co 3E8064492II1
1947JanuaryManufacturers Junction 6E8104498II1
1947AprilAtlantic & East Carolina 9E8124582IIa1
1947AprilWabash 108E8234730IIa1
1947AprilSouthern 2007E8274743IIa1
1947AprilMissouri Pacific
- St Joseph Belt 12
1947AprilRepublic Steel 372E8354804IIa1
- Chattannooga Traction Co 4
1947AugustSouthern 2008-2011E8274744-4747IIa4
1947SeptemberPennsylvania Railroad 5952-5953E8504957-4958IIa1
1947SeptemberCommonwealth Edison 12E8564995IIa1
1947SeptemberTerminal RR Association of St Louis 505-506E8595022-5023IIa2
1947SeptemberAngelina & Neches River 10E9315656IIa1
1947SeptemberGeorgia Marble Co 1E9335663IIa1
1947SeptemberAllis-Chambers Mfg Co 8E9595920IIa1
1947OctoberTerminal RR Association of St Louis 507-508E8595024-5025IIa2
1948MarchUS Steel
- Tennessee Coal Iron & Railroad 1000-1003
1948MarchCommonwealth Edison 13E9495767IIa1
1948MarchPennsylvania Railroad 5987-5991E9345664-5668IIa5
1948MarchInland Steel 70-71E9806169-6170IIa4
1948AprilInland Steel 72-73E9806171-6172IIa2
1948AprilPennsylvania Railroad 5992-5998E9345669-5676IIa1
1948AprilPennsylvania Railroad 9138, 9137E8985370-5371IIa2
1948AprilHanna Furnace Co 14E9906258IIa1
1948JulyPennsylvania Railroad 9139-9151E8985372-5384IIb1
1948JulyErie 360E9776148IIb1
1948JulyGreat Lakes Steel 33E10236753IIb1
1948AugustWheeling Steel 1003-1004E9475764-5765IIb2
1948AugustPennsylvania Railroad 9152-9154E8985814-5816IIb3
1948AugustChicago District Electric Generating Co 4E10256769IIb1
1949AprilHanna Furnace Co 15E9906259III1
1949AprilNew York Central 585-594E9996391-6400III10
1949AprilMathieson Chemical 2E10036466III1
1949AprilGreat Lakes Steel 34E10236754III1
1949AprilPennsylvania Railroad 9200-9203E10496759-6762III4
1949AprilPennsylvania Railroad 9104E10496763III1
1949AprilPennsylvania Railroad 9205E10496764-6768III5
1949AprilGreat Lakes Steel 22E10237402III1
1949AprilDetroit Edison 210-211E11398152-8153III2
1949AprilChicago Short Line 201E11408154III1
1949AprilBoston & Maine 1118E11548321III1
1949AprilGalveston Wharves 201-202E11948613-8614III2
1949JuneNew York Central 595-609E9996401-6415III15
1949JuneUnion Railroad 455-458E10707502-7505III4
1949JuneWabash 109E10947533III1
1949JuneWabash 110-111E10947741-7742III2
1949JulyUnion 459-461E10707506-7508III3
1949JulyRock Island 537-546E10647473-7482III10
1949JulyCentral Indiana 1600510111III1
1949AugustUnion 462-468E10707509-7515III7
1949AugustRoscoe Snyder & Pacific 100E10617458III1
1949AugustCanton 24-25E10677744-7745III2
1949AugustMonon 5-6E12548423-8424III2
1949DecemberGalveston Wharves 203-204604110083-10084III2
1949DecemberConemaugh & Black Lick 60-61606011009-11010III2


YearMonthRailroadOrder NoBldr NoPhaseQty
1950JanuaryUnion Railroad 469E11858531III1
1950JanuaryGreat Northern 80-82402710118-10120III3
1950JanuaryGreat Northern 83402711025III1
1950JanuaryPublic Service Co of Northern Illinois 9608311227III1
1950JanuaryMcLouth Steel 3608611316III1
1950FebruaryUnion Railroad 470E11858532III1
1950FebruarySt Joseph Terminal 1-2608911378-11379III1
1950JuneNew York Central
- CR&I 615-619
1950JulyUnion Railroad 471-476404210900-10905IV1
1950JulyGeorgia & Florida 70-72607011097-11099IV1
1950JulyPennsylvania Railroad 9396608111190IV1
1950AugustPennsylvania Railroad 9397-9405608111191-11999IV9
1950SeptemberPennsylvania Railroad 9406-9409608111200-11203IV4
1950SeptemberCommonwealth Edison 15403410538IV1
1950OctoberPennsylvania Railroad 9410-9420608111204-11215IV11
1950OctoberNew York Central 610-614611511767-11771IV5
1950OctoberNew York Central
- CR&I 620-621
1950OctoberConemaugh & Black Lick 62-65406011938-11941IV4
1950OctoberDetroit Edison 212613312087IV1
1950OctoberRepublic Steel 302616712734IV1
1950NovemberPennsylvania Railroad 9421-9428608111216-11222IV8
1950NovemberRepublic Steel 303618313139IV1
1950NovemberInland Steel 76621513547IV1
1950DecemberLehigh Valley 118-119406712212-12213IV2
1950DecemberInland Steel 77621513548IV1
1950DecemberNickel Plate Road 105-106621313705-13706IV2
1951MarchInland Steel 78-80409413575-13577IV3
1951MarchAllegheny & South Side 101410114058IV1
1951MarchRepublic Steel 304624014098IV1
1951MarchRepublic Steel 305626214391IV1
1951MarchMcLouth Steel 4626714507IV1
1951MarchInland Steel 81409414741IV1
1951JuneEMD Demonstrator 152
- Scullin Steel Co 6
1951AugustIllinois Central 9031-9032411914388-14389IV2
1951AugustPublic Service Co of Northern Illinois 10626114478IV1
1951AugustRepublic Steel 306626614559IV1
1951AugustRepublic Steel 340-341631714560-14561IV2
1951AugustBosques de Chihuahua 500629614654IV1
1951AugustGranite City Steel 600-601629214721-14722IV2
1951AugustRepublic Steel
- Gadsden AL 893
1951AugustGalveston Wharves 205632414985IV1
1952FebruaryRepublic Steel
- Youngstown OH 352
1952FebruaryRepublic Steel
- Gadsden AL 894
1952FebruaryGreat Western Railway of Colorado 61639116446IV1
1952FebruaryPortland Traction 100639916899IV1
1952JunePublic Service Co of Northern Illinois 11637116704IV1
1952JuneLouisiana Midland 11643717143IV1
1952JulyMetropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago 1641717235IV1
1952OctoberGarden City Western 201647217564IV1
1952DecemberGreat Lakes Steel 35642117137IV1
1952DecemberMetropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago 2-3641717236-17237IV1
1953MarchGreat Lakes Steel 36643517114IV1
1953MarchPortland Traction 200421017709IV1
1953MarchMcLouth Steel 5647817895?1
1953MayChicago & North Western 1268-1270417718101-18103V3
1953MayChicago & North Western 1272-1273417718104-18105V2
1953MayChicago & North Western 1274-1278422818106-18110V4
1953MayChicago & North Western 1271422818111V1
1953MayChicago & North Western 1279422818112V1
1953MayWarner Sand & Gravel 15650818279V1
1953MayHanna Furnace Co 16651018299V1
1953MayLehigh Portland Cement Co 5651918441V1
1953JulyBoston & Maine 1119-1125421418186-18192V7
1953AugustBoston & Maine 1126-1132421418193-18199V7
1953SeptemberSahara Coal Co (no #)423718721V1
1953SeptemberGreat Lakes Steel 38424218783V1
1953NovemberCleveland Quarries 2425419304V1