EMC NW1 Builder List and Phases

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  • All units were phase I

NW/NW1/NW1A differences

All three models were identical except for the electrical system:

  • Westinghouse gear on the NW
  • General Electric gear on the NW1
  • EMC gear on the NW1A

Builder List

YearMonthRailroadOrder NoBldr NoPhaseQty
1937NovemberElgin Joliet & Eastern 400-401E178771-772I2
1937NovemberBurlington 9200E185775I1
1937DecemberLehigh Valley 120-121E180773-774I2
1937DecemberBurlington 9201E185776I1
1938JanuaryGreat Northern 5102E187777I1
1938JanuaryChicago & North Western 901E234779I1
1938MarchRock Island 700E195778I1
1938MarchRock Island 701E195780I1
1938AprilLehigh Valley 122-123E180785-786I1
1938MayLehigh Valley 126-127E198781-782I1
1938MayLehigh Valley 124-125E197783-784I1
1938JuneM&StL D-538E203788I1
1938JulyLehigh Valley 128E208787I1
1938JulyRock Island 703-704E206789-790I2
1938AugustRock Island 705-707E206825-827I3
1938AugustRock Island 702E206828I1
1938AugustM&StL D-738E210829I1
1938AugustLehigh Valley 129E211830I1
1938SeptemberLehigh Valley 130E211831I1