Baldwin DT-6-6-2000 Builder List and Phases

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Baldwin DT-6-6-2000 - Minneapolis Northfield & Southern 20, date, location and photographer unknown
Baldwin DT-6-6-2000 – Minneapolis Northfield & Southern 20, date, location and photographer unknown



  • Phase I – May, 1946 –¬†a single prototype, Elgin Joliet & Eastern 100. It used twin non-turbocharged eight cylinder 608NA engines with Westinghouse 480-C main generators, mounted so that the generators were on the far ends of the locomotive. Because the engine is normally aspirated, the bulges on the hood found on later phases were missing. Those were necessary later to accommodate the turbocharger. On the roof above the engine are four short conical stacks, offset to one side. Large radiators with external shutters are mounted high on both sides of each hood, near the far end. Above them are twin 36-inch exhaust fans rising above the roof. Several tall banks of louvers are located under the radiators and the nose. Both hoods have flat front ends, with no front walkway. This was an effort to minimize the length of the unit, at 70′-6″. Instead of the large protruding number boards with classification lights found on other Baldwin road switchers, this unit used the small lighted glass number board found on switchers, located several feet back on the side of the hood. There are two large banks of louvers to supply cool air to the generator on each hood, located above the center axle. The electrical cabinet is located under the cab in a large box on the side frame. There are no circular grommets between this cabinet and the cab or the running boards, nor are there any skirts covering the air tanks and fuel tank. This unit introduced the use of the six-axle Commonwealth truck. This unit was built with a 125-volt control system.
  • Phase II – March, 1948 to –¬†production units are equipped with the smaller six-cylinder turbocharged 606SC engine. The main generator was upgraded to the Westinghouse 480F and the traction motors were now 370G models. Front walkways were added and even with the smaller diesel engines, the unit had to be lengthened to 74′ from 70′-6″ on the prototype. Electrical control systems dropped to 75 volt.
  • the front of each hood now come to a shallow point. Two prominent number boards with permanent classification lights now extend beyond the hood over the walkway at the end of each hood. The radiator has been lowered from the top of the hood to near the walkway, and drastically reduced in size. A simple screened opening is all that is visible. All of the louvers on the front of the hood are gone, as well as on the sides under the radiator. A massive skirt has been added below the battery boxes, between the truck, covering the fuel tanks. The steam locomotive style pilot has been replaced with one made from solid steel plate, bent to shape. Curved gussets are added on the side of the cab and the battery box ends. Door added on the front of both hoods.

Builder List

YearMonthRailroadOrder NoBldr NoPhaseQty
1946MayElgin Joliet & Eastern 10072831I1
1948MarchElgin Joliet & Eastern 101-10473709-737124
1948MarchElgin Joliet & Eastern 106737141
1948AprilElgin Joliet & Eastern 105737131
1948AprilElgin Joliet & Eastern 107-11073715-737184
1948MayElgin Joliet & Eastern 111-11373719-737193
1948MaySt Louis Southwestern 260735321
1948JuneATSF 2600737481
1948JuneElgin Joliet & Eastern 114-11673722-737243
1948JulyElgin Joliet & Eastern 117-11973725-737273
1948AugustElgin Joliet & Eastern 120737281
1948AugustElgin Joliet & Eastern 122737301
1948SeptemberElgin Joliet & Eastern 121737291
1948SeptemberElgin Joliet & Eastern 122-12573730-737334
1948DecemberMinneapolis Northfield & Southern 20-2174137-741382
1949JanuaryMinneapolis Northfield & Southern 22-2474139-741413
1949AprilTrona Railway 50-5174123-741242
1949JulyATSF 2602744351
1949AugustATSF 2601744341
1949OctoberDuluth South Shore & Atlantic 300-30274668-746703
1949NovemberATSF 2603744361
1949DecemberBaldwin 2000:2739801
1949DecemberATSF 2605744381
1949DecemberATSF 2604744371
1950FebruaryBaldwin 2001:2746711
1950AugustDuluth South Shore & Atlantic 303746721

Technical specifications

 Phase IPhase IIPhase IIa
Prime MoverBaldwin 608NA
8 cylinder
Baldwin 606SC
6 cylinder
Baldwin 606SC
6 cylinder
Main GeneratorWestinghouse 480CWestinghouse 480FWestinghouse 480F
Auxiliary GeneratorWestinghouse
Traction Motors6 Westinghouse 370F6 Westinghouse 370F6 Westinghouse 370F
Electrical Control System125 volt75 volt75 volt
Cooling System4 external side mount radiator2 roof mounted internal radiators2 roof mounted internal radiators
Length (inside coupler faces)70' 6"74'74'


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