Ferrocarril de Sureste Alco S6 Roster

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1st No.2nd No.3rd No.4th No.BldrDateOrderPhase
SCOP 7133-1FCdeS 331FCdeS 101FUS 1018181410/56S3262I
SCOP 7133-2FCdeS 332FCdeS 102FUS 1028181510/56S3262I
SCOP 7133-3FCdeS 333FCdeS 103FUS 1038381211/60S3336II
FCP 701CHP 101FCdeS 104FUS 104:1813026/55S3242I
CHP 60CHP 106FCdeS 105FUS 105817151/56S3255I
FCP 703CHP 103FCdeS 107FUS 107813046/55S3242I
FCP 716CHP 105FCdeS 108FUS 1088141210/55S3249I
FCP 702CHP 102FCdeS 109FUS 109:1813036/55S3242I
FCP 714CHP 104FCdeS 110FUS 1108141010/55S3240I

FCdeS History

The Mexican government created the Sureste in 1930 to unite the national system with the isolated Ferrocarril Unidos de Yucatan, a project not completed until 1950. Both systems were merged together in 1975 to form the Ferrocarriles Unidos de Sureste (FUS).

The project was under the control of the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Obras Públicas (SCOP), the Secretariat of Communications and Public Works. Along with several Alco FA’s, SCOP bought three S6’s, 7133-1 to 7133-2. These became part of FCdeS roster at an unknown date.

Several Chihuahua al Pacifico S6’s were also added, which had originally been Ferrocarril del Pacifico units.